By Staff Sgt. Joseph DiGirolamo

Lance Corporal Benjamin J. Ferry joined the Marine Corps because of his grandfather. “My grandpa always said I could go in any branch, and die in any branch, but if I joined the Army he would shoot me tomorrow,” said Ferry, a 23 year-old from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. “I always wanted to be a Marine so that’s the way I chose to

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Source:: A Dark Horse bond like no other: Grandfather, Grandson serve in same Battalion 50 years apart

By Cpl. Michael Thorn

Members of the Miramar Fire Department finished Fire Prevention Week by teaching fire safety aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., Oct. 14.

The classes taught were for none other than the children of service members at the air station’s Child Development Center. They taught five classes, which reached about 130 preschool children.

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Source:: Firefighters teach kids about fire safety